HR & Recruitment

Reviewing a Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) during an interview will only give you a 26% chance of making the right choice. (Prof Mike Smith, University of Manchester, 1994). Numerous other studies support the need for not just testing, but careful testing of Cognition, Personality and Interests against a job profile that will raise your choice success to 75%.

Job Matching is the science of measuring a person’s skills and attributes against those needed by a certain job or role. Before a Job Match can be done, a detailed Performance Model needs to be created so you can have a standard to compare a candidate to.

Our software will carefully guide you in setting up all your needed performance models so you can easily and seamlessly assess any potential hire against any needed role in your company. Once in the job, the Performance Model will also guide coaching and training efforts. We have a library of 1000’s of international standards and Job profiles to use or guide the creation of your own performance model. Let us help you create these today.

Pre-hire Assessments

The ProfileXT is the best, most up to date assessment tool for pre-employment screening and job applicant selection. It provides easy to understand results that companies can use to perfectly match the right person to the right job.

Sales Team

Profiles Sales Assessment™ is a specialized sales focussed assessment that helps you find high performing sales staff. It reveals in-depth information about potential employees that usually can’t be seen during a normal interview process.

Customer Service

The Customer Service Perspective (CSP) is a psychometric assessment aimed at all staff involved in customer service.

Team Assessments

Your people are your most important assets. Identifying their strengths and weaknesses is vital to the success of your business.

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