Marc Scholes

MA, BA (Hons.)

Director, Learning Content Designer and Educator

marc scholes

Marc has spent most of his career dedicated to education and training in both the public and private sectors in Europe and North America. He has seen the transformative power of learning at work time and time again and believes that as we shift towards a more complex knowledge centred economy ongoing professional development will become central to our prosperity – as companies and as individuals.

During his time in the British University sector Marc gained masses of experience creating new curriculum from individual workshops and courses to entire degree programmes. His philosophy of creating learning experiences that are purposeful, relevant, engaging, and accessible to all learners drove him to be an early adopter of Universal learning principles and learning outcomes models, and an entrepreneur in the adoption of new technologies to content delivery.

Marc has substantial experience of quality control in the learning experience and sees this as an essential foundation to evaluating employee needs and professional development. He has a deep interest in design thinking, positive psychology and an ‘art enabled life’ philosophy. He loves technology and is an experienced documentary maker with a belief that new technologies, such as virtual, augmented, and mixed reality can play a key role in delivering the kind of adaptable, flexible, and accessible learning that will push the boundaries of employee success.

His passion for the Wilford and Scholes initiative is based upon the shared values of the partners and their belief in people and their ability to perform and excel when given the right circumstances.